In honor of Mother’s Day, CFC would like to introduce the 3 mother’s playing on the CFC Women’s team! Get ready to ‘meet’ Gretchen Hammel, Kristina Heredia and Amy Schermerhorn, and their adorable children.

Starting with the back line and the heart of the team’s defense is Amy Schermerhorn. Amy grew up in Chattanooga, attended Notre Dame High School and UTC, and has always played at the center of defense in her time on the field. Her daughter’s name is Ava Harper, and will be 4 this coming August! Ava is her mother’s biggest fan and supporter, always coming to the games and practices and cheering Amy on (and also enjoying some time on the playgrounds near the fields!).

Ava is a fireball, just like her mother, and loves to run, ride her bike, paint and be outside. Ava will certainly learn that she can accomplish anything she wants to if she puts her mind to it, just as Amy does whether she’s on the field, or off with her daughter and family.

Also on the back line is Kristina Heredia. Kristina is married to Ivan, who also plays for CFC on the men’s team, and they just welcomed their 9-month old daughter Juliana last July. Juliana is always happy and smiling, especially when she is in the water. Whether at the beach or in the bath, Juliana would stay in the water for hours if Kristina and Ivan let her!

Born and raised in Miami, Kristina moved to TN to attend Lee University, where she played soccer (winning an NAIA national championship and being First Team All-American) and met Ivan. She’s been able to travel to Italy, Spain, Brazil and Mexico playing soccer. Kristina’s family is still in Miami, but her brother has also been part of the CFC team playing on the men’s team for the past few seasons. Kristina is not only juggling mother to her beautiful 9-month old daughter, but will be returning to nursing school in January.

Moving up the field, we meet midfielder Gretchen Hammel, who has been married to Tommy Hammel for 14-years. They have 2 daughters- Dallas, age 5, and Fergie, age 3. Dallas is in love with Ninja Turtles and acting, and will be attending a theatre camp this summer. Fergie is in love with chewing gum (which sounds fairly dangerous), and fashion. She has even just informed Gretchen that she has 2 boyfriends! They both love to spend time outside playing, no matter what the weather is.

Active in the soccer community, Gretchen played soccer for 4-years at UTC and was the first signee for the Women’s Division I soccer program. She hasn’t stopped playing soccer, and also competes as a triathlete. She is a registered dietitian, and the high school girl’s soccer coach at Grace Academy here in Chattanooga during the year.

CFC would like to wish a Happy Mother’s Day to Amy, Kristina and Gretchen! Maybe we’ll be seeing their daughters out on the field before too long, but in the meantime they will be able to watch and support their mother’s playing during the first season of the CFC Women’s team.