In 2018, Chattanooga FC Women will be offering livestream viewing, as possible, for every home and away match. AWAY matches will be available to be viewed free of charge, and all HOME game livestreams will available free to season ticket holders, or for $5 each match through Patreon.

Q : How will season ticket holders watch the live stream?

For AWAY GAMES, it’s easy. We’ll post the link to the livestream on our social media channels which will be accessible to anyone. All you have to do is check in and watch. (Facebook: Chattanooga FC Women; __Twitter/Instagram: __chattfcwomen) For HOME GAMES, we’ll email season pass holders the link for each individual match. The link will be different for each game, so we’ll send out an update email before each home game begins. For purchasing individual game access, visit the Patreon site and follow the instructions.

__Q : __What if I don’t get an email?

For those who purchased a season pass through the online store, you will receive emails for livestreaming at the address you used to make that purchase. If you don’t get an email by the day of the game, or you purchased your season pass in person (at the jersey reveal party or Winder Binder), contact us at and we will add your address to the email list.

__Q : __How will non-season ticket holders watch the livestream?

For AWAY games, we’ll post the link to the livestream on our social media channels (Facebook: Chattanooga FC Women; __Twitter/Instagram: __chattfcwomen) so you can follow the link and watch. For HOME games, you’ll need to subscribe to our Patreon account here: Before each home game, we’ll create a post in Patreon with the link to the livestream, and Patreon will charge you $5 each game. If you’re interested in watching only a few livestreamed home games, Patreon is the cheaper option, but if you’re interested in watching more than that, we’d recommend you buy the season pass wristband so you would receive an email link to every game.

__Q : __Can I share the livestream link?

We’re asking for those who paid to see the CFC Women livestreams to not share the link information with anyone who hasn’t paid.

__Q : __Can I just make a donation instead of buying a season pass?

Yes! We are giving those that make a donation to this project access to the home game livestreams as a thank you for your donation. If you’d also like to make a donation of $25 or more instead of buying the season pass wristband, contact us at

Furthermore, If you are a company who would like to sponsor the livestream experience so that all matches can be offered to the public for free, please contact Gretchen Hammel at

If you have feedback for us please feel free to email us at